Rodent control is one of the pest control industry’s most dynamic and profitable vertical market segments. Even in the midst of a pandemic, rodent control and public health continues to generate headlines, with rodent activity increasing in many urban areas as a result of the traditional food sources for these pests being disrupted by restaurant closures and stay-at-home orders.

With the industry’s increased emphasis on rodent control, it should come as no surprise that a significant amount of innovation is occurring in the marketplace, including new and improved rodenticide formulations; the introduction of IoT-based rodent monitoring systems; and the latest advancements in trapping technology. If you are thinking about expanding your rodent control service offerings or learning more about new opportunities in this dynamic marketplace, you won’t want to miss PCT’s Virtual Rodent Conference featuring an impressive speaker faculty of leading rodent experts on Wednesday, December 2.


Sessions and speakers include:

Dan Moreland
Rodent Control: A State of the Market Report

Speaker: Dan Moreland, Publisher, PCT Media Group


Kevin Van Hook
Wildlife Exclusion: Keys to Success

Speaker: Kevin Van Hook, Regional Vice President of Operations, Home Services Region, Arrow Exterminators


Dr. Bobby Corrigan
60-Minute Master’s Class: Rodent Management

Speaker: Dr. Bobby Corrigan, President, RMC Pest Management Consulting


Hal Coleman
Marketing Tips & Strategies to Grow Your Rodent & Wildlife Business

Speaker: Hal Coleman, President, Coleman Services


Dr. Niamh Quinn
Rodenticide Pathways & Non-Target Exposure: Lessons from Calif.

Speaker: Dr. Niamh Quinn, University of California Cooperative Extension


Bill Kolbe
Advanced IPM & Outdoor Rodent Control: Field Mice, Chipmunks & Squirrels

Speaker: Bill Kolbe, President, Wakolbe Consulting