When you start a new business, money’s tight. That’s why Brandon Tribett used generic products with lambda-cyhalothrin when he opened Think Pest Control in Littleton, Colorado, three years ago.

The problem: “These knock-offs weren’t performing like we expected,” he recalls. As an exterior perimeter treatment, they were breaking down in Colorado’s brutal weather, which meant Tribett and his team were spending valuable time doing callbacks instead of serving new customers and growing the business.

Tribett was frustrated. He also wanted to expand into the Las Vegas market where the sun is even more intense and scorpions are a common pest, but he knew the knock-off products weren’t up to the challenge.


A Revelation

Tribett’s problem was solved last fall when he was introduced to the PestPartnersSM365 Program by Syngenta Territory Manager Scott Baldwin.

PestPartners 365 provides year-long rebate savings on Syngenta products. Even better for Tribett, it offers bulk-purchase discounts on popular Syngenta products, including Demand® CS insecticide.

The program gave Tribett access to a high-performing product – “there was no question Demand [CS] would work for scorpions,” he says – at a very affordable price.

“It made Demand [CS] so reasonable in price that for us it just made sense for us to make the switch,” he explains.

Demand CS is now the company’s “workhorse product” with the microencapsulated formulation providing “way longer control” than the generics, says Tribett. “Overall this year, our re-treats are down. It really is getting us the result we want,” he assures.


Bulking Up To Save

Making the commitment to buy in bulk was a concern at first for Tribett until he sat down with Baldwin to plan out his product needs for the upcoming season. Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) can also use the PestPartners 365 online rebate calculator or manual worksheet to do this.

Based on his projected usage, and after evaluating the program’s quantity-based pricing tiers, Tribett chose to purchase five master shippers of Demand CS, “which gets the price down really low” compared to buying individual bottles. A Demand CS master shipper contains 24 one-quart containers.

This initial order carried Think Pest Control through July, which relieved Tribett of the hassle of ordering product each month.

It also ensured he had enough Demand CS on hand to serve a growing number of new customers.

“Just knowing that we have a bunch in stock, that the price is great; there were a lot of perks to it,” says Tribett on participating in PestPartners 365.

The program’s SummerPay™ terms, which extend credit interest free on select Syngenta products through June, were icing on the cake from a cash-flow perspective, especially since Tribett placed his five-figure bulk order during the slow season when less money was coming in.

In fact, SummerPay actually helped Tribett expand his business. “We didn’t have to pull money out from anywhere to place the order. We kept our advertising budgets all the same through the springtime. We hit the growth level that we wanted and that made it easy to pay off the product,” he explains.


Yearlong Benefits

PestPartners 365 helps make saving simple by providing rebates on product purchases all year long after qualifying.

Here’s how it works: Each product package is assigned a rebate amount. To qualify for the program, PMPs must earn at least $200 in base rebate dollars during the seven-month qualifying period (October 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021). The more product you order during the qualifying period, the higher your rebate level. Once qualified, PMPs earn rebates on all Syngenta product purchases made through September 30, 2021.

Rebate checks are mailed in August and November of 2021. An Early Order Bonus check, mailed in February 2021, is earned for purchasing at least $500 in base rebates by December 9, 2020. Ordering the products you’ll need in 2021 before the end of this year can make it easier on PMPs to plan for the year ahead, reminds Marshall Gaster, market manager for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta, North America.

With PestPartners 365, you don’t have to chase limited-time product promotions to save money. You also don’t have to register for the program or file rebate paperwork; your preferred distributor partner does it all for you. “It’s a really simple program,” assures Gaster.

Even more convenient: As part of the 2021 program, PMPs can check their rebate status online. Just sign in to your SyngentaPMP.com account – or create a free account – and go to PestPartners365.com/RebateStatus, which now tracks purchases and estimates your rebate level and amount.

Tribett planned to use his August 2020 rebate check, anticipated to be a few thousand dollars, to host a corporate retreat for his team. “The price makes it so great when you buy in bulk that the rebate is just kind of an added bonus, so we’re like, let’s just do something more fun with it,” he says.

Other PMPs have used PestPartners 365 rebate money to host company awards dinners, buy new equipment, and purchase more Syngenta products.


Nothing Compares

Tribett evaluated rebate programs from other manufacturers but found them lacking. He likes how the PestPartners 365 program lets him earn rebates on all Syngenta products, not just a select few.

That’s important because besides Demand CS, Tribett relies heavily on Advion insecticide brand gel baits for ants and cockroaches, Optigard® Ant gel bait and Tandem® insecticide.

“We hope that the flexibility we provide in offering rebate savings on all of our products gives PMPs the flexibility they need to make the best product decisions for their businesses without missing out on savings,” says Kristen Oakley, marketing communications manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America.

Just as important is the technical and business support that Tribett gets from Syngenta and Baldwin in particular. “From a people standpoint, a product standpoint, you can just rely on Syngenta,” he explains.

Now in its seventh year, PestPartners 365 was the first rebate program of its kind in the pest control industry. “We’re helping fulfill our mission of providing a life uninterrupted by pests by allowing our PMPs to do so with ease and with the right tools in hand,” says Oakley.

Tribett couldn’t agree more. “Nothing compares to the Syngenta reward program. It’s laid out, it gives you discounts right up front for buying in bulk and it gives you a pretty decent incentive come fall for having done so,” he says.

Learn more about the PestPartners 365 Program online at PestPartners365.com or contact your local Syngenta territory manager.


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