PCT will host its third annual Rodent Control Virtual Conference for those interested in learning how to better manage complex rodent infestations in both urban and rural settings.

Scheduled for Nov. 9, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (EST), the event features renowned industry rodent experts who will provide an in-depth look at rodent management and discuss what today’s market can offer a pest control company.

The conference is virtual, meaning attendees can listen from their home or office. Sponsors include Bell Laboratories and Global Material Technologies. Sessions and speakers include:

Stephen Gates

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RODENT CONTROL: A STATE OF THE RODENT MARKET.Speaker: Dan Moreland, publisher of PCT magazine, Valley View, Ohio. Moreland will share key factors that are driving one of the fastest growing market segments in the industry. Moreland will review market trends as they continue to impact the industry months and even years into the future.

BUILDING RODENTS OUT.Speaker: Dr. Bobby Corrigan, owner and president of RMC Pest Management Consulting, New York, N.Y. Corrigan presents how urban rodents can affect the outer areas of resident and commercial buildings. Doors protect the outside from the inside, and Corrigan will explain what makes rodents attracted to doors and their abilities to slip through cracks. Corrigan will also point out which doors are the most vulnerable for rodent entry followed by tips for pest management professionals on how to effectively rodent-proof a home or building. He will review materials to purchase and ways to educate clients on how to protect their homes and businesses.

DECODING RODENT BEHAVIOR. Speaker: Stephen Gates, vice president of technical services for Cook’s Pest Control, Decatur, Ala. Because of rodents’ ability to reproduce in any environment, rural and urban, Gates hones in on how PMPs can learn how to control rodents through their behavioral patterns. He will focus on how understanding rat and mouse movements leads to better control in commercial and residential settings.

CAMERA, SURVEILLANCE, AND TRACKING TECHNOLOGIED. Speaker: Tim Madere, pest control specialist for the City of New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board. Madere will discuss how technology can solve some of the most challenging rodent control jobs and how it can advance a company’s image as more tech-savvy. Cameras and tracking technologies help PMPs and industry researchers gain insights regarding social interaction between rodents, which can aid in how to control them. Madere will give examples and share his experiences for PMPs on how they can better track rodents.

TRAPPING DEVICES: PRACTICAL TIPS AND CASE STUDIES. Speaker: Scott McNeely, owner and president of McNeely Pest Control, Winston-Salem, N.C. For all things trapping, McNeely is a go-to source for the dos and don’ts. Many veteran PMPs can attest how there are several factors involved when it comes to trapping. McNeely will share stories and first-hand accounts on how you can maximize the results of your trapping techniques with rodents.

Learn more about the PCT Rodent Control Virtual Conference at http://rodentcontrol.pctonline.com or call PCT’s conference division at 800/456-0707.