BedBug Central Releases Results from June Survey

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — BedBug Central announced results from its June survey, and as anticipated, June brought an increase in bed bug activity in many of the regions across the United States.

BedBug Central’s Jeff White said the June findings are consistent with seasonal fluctuations with bed bug activity that have been observed since the resurgence of these pests around 2005. “It has been well documented by many different researchers and bed bug experts that bed bug activity in residential settings increases in the summer months, specifically July, August and September.”

Knowing this, BedBug Central expected to see an increase in June bed bug activity; although the Mountain Time Zone (region 5) and West coast (region 6) appear to be lagging behind with an increase in bed bug activity.

White said, “An interesting observation moving forward will be to note whether this is an anomaly in the data or this is a seasonal trend we note each year (stay tuned to next year’s survey results).”

Another interesting observation for White was that several companies based largely in hospitality were “up significantly” in June. “We find this observation interesting and the question it raises is whether or not vacation season drives bed bug activity,” he said.

As for the quarterly analysis, Regions 5 and 6 were slow all quarter compared to the rest of the U.S. The Southeast and traditional Midwest (regions 2-4) were busy most of Q2 and no slowdown appears in sight. The Northeast (region 1) had a minor slowdown in May but companies reported it being busy again in June. “We expected the busy trend to continue for regions 1-4 and will monitor regions 5 and 6 to see if the slow/flat spell stops and bed bug activity picks up for more companies located in those regions,” White said.

For additional questions and to participate in future surveys, email White at

EPA Releases Updated Bed Bug Efficacy Guidelines

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In June, EPA announced the availability of a final test guideline, “Laboratory Product Performance Testing Methods for Bed Bug Pesticide Products; OCSPP Test Guideline 810.3900.” The guideline provides recommendations for the design and execution of laboratory studies to evaluate the performance of pesticide products intended to be effective against bed bugs.

The guidance also includes directions for data reporting. This guidance applies to products to be applied for a pesticidal purpose such as to attract, repel or kill bed bugs. It does not apply to repellent products applied to human skin, and does not apply to products exempt from Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act registration under 40 CFR 152.25.

EPA’s test guidelines are intended for use in the testing of pesticides and toxic substances and development of data for submission to the EPA. The test guidelines are organized by series number Final Test Guidelines for Pesticides and Toxic Substances. 

Under FIFRA, all companies wishing to register a pesticide product for use against public health pests, such as bed bugs, must submit pesticide product performance data that demonstrate that the pesticide product works against the pests for which the product is intended. 


Dini Miller Named a ‘Healthy Homes Hero’


BLACKSURBG, Va. —Dini Miller, urban pest management specialist for Virginia Cooperative Extension, was named the first “Healthy Homes Hero” by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Augusta Free Press reported.

The award stems from HUD’s ongoing efforts to discuss ways to improve life in the HUD community during National Healthy Homes Month in June. 

Miller has worked on pest control in public housing, focusing on cockroaches, bed bugs and allergens that come from pests. She is currently working on a checklist of standards for pest control contracts in HUD buildings to ensure extensive care. 

Australia’s Doggett Interviewed for Podcast

SYDNEY — Stephen Doggett, director of the Department of Medical Entomology at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, was recently interviewed about bed bugs as part of the popular Australia Float Your Boat podcast.

As part of the interview Doggett previewed his forthcoming bed bug academic text Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs, due for release in 2018. The book is edited by Doggett, along with entomologists Dini Miller and Chow-Yang Lee, and includes more than 50 contributors from all over the globe.