Xcluder recently introduced the new X2 Garage Door Bottom Seal Kit featuring an additional stainless steel screen to protect against intense rodent pressure. Xcluder’s X2 system features both an Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Bottom Seal, now reinforced with an added stainless steel screen, and a durable brush seal to provide homes and buildings against mice, rats, chipmunks and other pests, the company says.

Xcluder’s X2 Garage Door Bottom Seal features a heavy-duty rubber gasket lined with a stainless steel screen and patented Xcluder fill fabric — a combination of stainless steel and poly-fiber that is the only exclusion product on the market proven effective against rodents by the USDA APHIS Lab, the company says. The X2 also features a brush seal, located behind the rubber gasket, that conforms to textured or uneven surfaces, eliminating tiny gaps and offering added protection against light penetration and even smaller pests such as insects. As rodents grow increasingly desperate in their search for food and shelter as a result of restaurant closures and quarantine efforts, the enhanced design ensures that no amount of aggressive rodent gnawing can breach the seal; therefore, rodents are prevented from entering garages.

The Seal Kit includes everything needed to replace an existing garage seal: 4-foot, 1-inch aluminum retainers; Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Seal with enhanced security; brush seal; mounting screws; and installation instructions. Xcluder is made in America.


Brother Mobile Solutions


Brother Mobile Solutions, a provider of mobile and desktop printers and industrial labeling tools, introduced its “on-the-go ready” RuggedJet Go series of mobile receipt printers. The newest additions to the RuggedJet series of thermal printers, the RJ Go models, are compact and connect seamlessly to any compatible device, enabling printing at the point of sale or point of service, the company says.

The RuggedJet Go Series includes the RJ-2035B and 3035B that deliver MFi and Bluetooth plus RJ-2055WB and 3055WB models that deliver Wi-Fi connectivity options to support any compatible printing application inside or outside the four walls. These 2-inch and 3-inch printers are small enough to carry in a pocket or belt clip. The RuggedJet Go models, including accessories and media, are available under Brother Mobile Solutions’ new HaaS Shift & Print Subscription Service and can be acquired without an up-front capital investment.

Ravi Panjwani, vice president of marketing and product management, said, “In today’s challenging and ever-changing environment there is an increased need for fast, flexible and creative point-of-service solutions. All types of business are positioning to serve the customer when, where and how they demand, so we’ve introduced the RuggedJet Go mobile printer — a true point-of-service solution.”


J.F. Oakes


J.F. Oakes’ Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Boards are manufactured on heavy stock, treated with a polyurethane finish and will fit 90 percent of UV lighted fly traps on the market, the company says.

Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Boards are moisture resistant and will not warp, the company says. The polyurethane coating protects the glue from being absorbed into the board, keeping the quality of the glue more consistent over a longer period of time. The contrast on the glue board, between the black surface and white grid lines, provides a more attractive surface for the fly to land on, J.F. Oakes says.

Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Boards lower labor costs by reducing sticking on UV bulbs when replacing old boards. Pro-Pest Replacement Fly Glue Boards are available in two sizes.




DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent says, “one spray in the fall lasts all winter long.” The com- pany says PMPs can apply the winter product in October/November and protect evergreen trees and shrubs for six months. DeerPro comes ready to use; PMPs just add water. The thiram-based spray is easy to mix and will not clog sprayers. DeerPro is specially formulated to stay in suspension, providing consistent protection. Thiram is the active ingredient that makes the plants taste bad and will stop even hungry deer from doing damage, the firm says. However, thiram leaves a residue on plants, which some customers do not like. The new winter formulation leaves less noticeable residue on plants. A label change allows the product to be used by companies across the country, including in the South.




Lytx recently announced two new map-based search features that allow users to quickly locate important video clips. Video Browse in Fleet Tracking and Map Search in the Lytx Video Platform each enables fleets to more easily self-service to find and immediately retrieve video footage.

By reducing the time and resources necessary to locate video clips, these two newly introduced fleet-management features make the power of video more accessible and actionable for fleets, helping streamline workflows for greater efficiencies, the company says.

“These video-search features are significant advancements that enable fleets to take further advantage of their Lytx programs,” said Jim Brady, Lytx vice president of product management. “The features address common pain points by allowing fleets to more efficiently self-service in a number of scenarios, rather than toggling between programs or relying on their provider to locate and fetch clips. We’re pleased to offer Video Browse and Map Search at no additional charge so that every Lytx client can benefit from more streamlined processes and improved efficiencies, while providing high-quality service to their customers.”


Rockwell Labs


Rockwell Labs introduced a new and improved version of its Foamer Simpson foamer. The Foamer Simpson 5.0 has a 5-liter (1.3-gallon) tank and includes several new features that make it easier to use, the company says. The Foamer Simpson 5.0 is a more compact unit, making it easier to transport and store on a truck. It comes with a longer 6½-foot hose, which provides increased range without moving the tank. Drains can be foamed while standing up with the 17-inch wand, and the angled tip can easily spray the underside of equipment with less bending, Rockwell Labs adds. Surfaces and drains now can be foamed without a tool change, and the extra-wide stability base won’t tip over when placed on surfaces. Like the previous foamer, the Foamer Simpson 5.0 delivers rich, thick foam and is ideal for use with InVade Bio Foam and other foaming products, Rockwell Labs says.


Slingshot, Voice for Pest

getslingshot.com, voiceforpest.com

Slingshot, a 24/7 home services sales and contact center, and Voice for Pest, a phone system provider, announced a new partnership with integrated voice and data solutions.

The companies say that with phone communications accounting for 70 to 90 percent of pest sales and customer transactions, PMPs can now combine inboxes within Slingshot and use the new “click-to-call” functionality for returning voicemails and missed/dropped calls. In addition, PMPs will be able to manage and track all calls, whether their customer speaks with them or Slingshot, with integrated custom reporting available through the Slingshot inbox.

“Many companies are finding they need their phone systems to be more flexible, especially given today’s environment. By combining Voice for Pest calls and voicemails within the Slingshot platform, providers can respond to customer requests quickly,” said Voice for Pest CEO Tom Welsh.

Taylor Olson, Slingshot CEO, said, “We want to make it easier for pest control companies to scale operations while consistently providing excellent service to their customers. One major benefit of the integration is giving clients enhanced omni-channel communication abilities with a leader in phone services.”