Dr. Nicky Gallagher, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta
1. What makes Tandem a unique solution for pest control?

Tandem offers PMPs the simplicity of one product with the versatility of two active ingredients, lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam. The dual active ingredients, which each feature a different mode of action, work together to provide a fast knockdown and lasting residual control of more than 90 labeled pests indoors, outdoors and in food-handling establishments.

2. What is the ZC formulation in Tandem and how does it work?

When two technologies are brought together into a stable, homogenous mix, it is known as a ZC formulation. In Tandem, the ZC formulation combines a capsule suspension (CS) of lambda-cyhalothrin with a suspension concentrate (SC) of thiamethoxam. The SC is milled and size-distributed to high-quality standards, while the robust CS provides immediate and long-lasting results. The resulting formulation mixes easily for thorough, broad-spectrum control.

3. How does iCAP technology help Tandem provide long-lasting control?

Tandem provides PMPs with steadfast, reliable pest control with iCAP technology™. The microcaps’ dual-walled construction provides a controlled release of lambda-cyhalothrin while protecting it from harsh environmental conditions like UV rays and pH extremes. Smaller-sized microcaps release lambda-cyhalothrin quickly for immediate control, while larger microcaps remain intact and slowly release the active ingredient over time for long-lasting control.

4. How does Tandem provide more thorough ant control through its systemic action?

One of the most popular food sources for many pest ant species is honeydew, which is produced by plant-feeding insects like scales, aphids and mealy bugs that feed on landscape vegetation. Thanks to its systemic action, Tandem moves through plants to eliminate these honeydew producers as they feed on landscape vegetation and, in turn, provides more robust ant control.

5. Why should PMPs add Tandem into their existing service operations?

Tandem is a great addition to any pest control toolbox. Its broad list of labeled pests, along with its full turf label, makes it a good fit for perimeter pest control and lawn care services. It’s also approved for use indoors, outdoors and in food-handling establishments according to the product label. For additional information and to watch how Tandem works, visit SyngentaPMP.com/Tandem.

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