April 2016


Virtual Conference

Million-Dollar Club Virtual Event Coming Next Month

Next month PCT is hosting the Million-Dollar Club Virtual Conference. Sponsored by Arrow Exterminators and scheduled for May 18, the event will focus on business development/growth initiatives specifically for pest management companies in the $750,000 to $1.25 million range.

Company Profile

Disruptive Technology

Three former Westinghouse engineers shatter traditional thinking to introduce an automated compressed air sprayer for the professional pest control market.

Crystal Clear

To overcome the problems sometimes associated with traditional ant baits, researchers at Purdue University tested a novel bait delivery technology that relies on water-storing crystals.

On The Move

USDA-ARS researchers have traced tropical fire ant movement to Spanish ships in the 16th century.

Now You See ’Em . . .

Ghost ants are emerging pests throughout the United States. Here’s what you need to know about their control.

Flying High

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions rose to the occasion when the Solar Impulse 2 — a solar-powered plane on a trip around the world — landed in Hawaii. What followed was a project requiring the company to reach new heights in bird control.


The Jet Set

Chimney swifts are a protected species even if they’re in customers’…uh…chimneys. Installing a chimney cap as a way to exclude these birds (and other wildlife) is a seasonal — and preventive — service PMPs may want to consider.

Mosquito Control Supplement

Bracing for Zika

Only time will tell if the virus will continue its spread in the U.S.

A SWOT Analysis of the Mosquito Franchise Market

Being a successful franchisee is a two-way street: You need to align yourself with the right franchise opportunity, but you also have to be willing to open your mind to new ways of thinking and operating.