April 2017


Industry Research

Sustainable Development: Driving Business

It’s not just a buzzword. Sustainability is here to stay. And products with reduced levels of active ingredient top the “wish list” of pest management professionals who feel that tightening regulations will reduce their ability to operate their businesses over the next five years.

Mosquito Control Supplement

Job 1: Eliminating Conducive Conditions

The number one conducive condition for mosquitoes is standing or stagnant water. Here’s what you need to do to help customers and employees find and remove such environments.

Case Study: Surveillance & Control Operations in Harris County, Texas

Government mosquito boards don’t just trap and count mosquitoes. They perform research, partner with universities, and educate residents on diseases and disease prevention. Here’s a brief history of how officials in Harris County, Texas, protect the public and industry from mosquitoes.

Quick Fix

A UF/IFAS entomologist earns a $200,000 grant to help develop a rapid Zika detection test.

Annual Ant Control Issue

Putting Ants in the Crosshairs

Each ant species has its own habits and behaviors that need to be understood to find and treat colonies directly wherever possible. PMPs need to target treatments to sites where colonies are located or ants might enter the structure.

Friend or Foe?

Two major groups of Formica have become nuisance pests when located near structures: thatching ants and field ants. They are similar in biology and identification but their nest construction differs.

New Supercolony

A new (and dominant!) ant species discovered in Ethiopia shows potential for global invasion.

Focus on Bird Control

The Sky’s the Limit

Are you looking to get started in the bird control business? Here are nine tips from two of the industry’s leading bird control entrepreneurs.

Missing Piece

Though the act of performing bird control falls under the realm of the pest control industry, the business side is much different than traditional insect control. Here’s what you need to be successful in the bird control game.

The Urge for Going …or Maybe Not

“See the geese in chevron flight, a-flapping and a-racing on before the snow;They’ve got the urge for going, and they’ve got the wings to go.”~ Joni Mitchell, The Urge for Going