April 2018


Cover Story

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Some companies are working to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. To attract customers and employees going forward, companies will have to stand for something — and they’ll have to mean it.

Fleet Management

Reducing Vehicle Expenses

Operating service vehicles in a cost-effective and efficient fashion is critical to a PMP’s success. Here are some practical tips for ensuring your company’s vehicle expenses don’t overwhelm your bottom line.

Mosquito Control Supplement

Harborage Hot Spot

Practical suggestions for filling tree holes to prevent mosquito breeding.

Outwitting Mosquitoes

Researchers at UC Riverside are trying to take advantage of a weakness in mosquito genes.

Annual Ant Control Issue


Researchers have found a quick way for those in the field to identify red imported fire ants with a quick, portable and easy-to-use test kit.

Pound the Pavement

Pavement ants often dominate their environment. Here are some strategies for managing them from Purdue University researchers.

Insights Into Ant Trails

Stanford researchers found an algorithm that explains how ants create and repair trail networks.

Home Invader

The little yellow ant is the next invasive to arrive in Florida.

Summer School for Ant Management

Whether it’s crashing backyard parties or rummaging through kitchen pantries, ants remain the #1 problem pest for many consumers.

Focus on Bird Control

A Place to Start

It’s easy to get excited by the prospect of bird work. It can be exciting to have the change of pace and routine relative to traditional pest control. But do you really know just how different these two service offerings are?

Seagulls Beware

Preventing seagulls from landing on commercial roofs is a tough task but there are a variety of products that can help PMPs who are involved in this line of work.

Vultures on the Rise

Vultures are expanding their North America range, and bringing bird-related problems with them.


UPFDA 50th Anniversary Supplement

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