April 2019


Annual Ant Control Issue

Follow the Trail

PMPs must locate trails to effectively place baits. Ants will not find baits that are placed at random locations; therefore, you must place the bait where you know it will be discovered by ants.

Swim Lessons

Researchers learn how two land-dwelling ant species paddle through water.

Mistaken Identity

A best guess isn’t good enough when it comes to identifying ant species in the field. PMPs share how to improve your ID odds so you can achieve better control.

Focus on Bird Control

Scare Tactics

No single aversion tool or method of bird or wildlife control will work long-term, particularly if the habitat is otherwise appealing and population pressures are high. The best outcomes are achieved when short-term scare tactics are followed up with habitat and behavior modification.


Public Health

Under Siege

Perimeter pest control is the PMP’s first line of defense against all pests, including public health pests.

Partners for the Good of All

Pest control and public health are intricately related. Because of pest control, dollars are saved, lives are spared and quality of life is enhanced every day.

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