April 2020


PCT Event

Education Made Easy

PCT’s Virtual Bed Bug Conference will be held in May and features an array of expert speakers. Attend from your home or office!

COVID-19 Coverage

Life in the Age of COVID-19

Following the global outbreak, PCOs have been left to pick up the pieces, ensuring the safety of employees and customers, all while navigating a drastically changing business landscape.

Technician Q&A

Up Close & Personal

Kevin Wiener’s love of photography isn’t just a passion, it’s a valuable educational resource for Swat Pest Management and its technicians.

Annual Ant Control Issue

ANTicipate Opportunities

No species of invasive ant in the United States has been successfully eradicated. Here’s an update from Texas A&M University about their research on two invasive ant species: fire ants and tawny crazy ants.

Focus on Bird Control

Nixalite of America Celebrates 70 Years

What started with one product idea in 1950 has now developed into a family-owned and -operated business that focuses on manufacturing and supplying pest bird and wildlife control products to the world.

Technology Supplement

Putting Technology to Work

At NPMA’s Technology Summit, PMPs heard about new trends and products that will help them run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Prove It!

Nothing is more frustrating than a customer who claims your technician never showed up. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

Staying Tech Savvy

As new tools and products are introduced into the marketplace, PMPs need to stay on top of trends to ensure they’re providing efficient service to customers.

Making Sense of ERM

New technology provides PMPs the ability to focus on surveillance and problem-solving, while customers embrace better results and improved compliance.

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The Pest Ant Round Up

The State of the Ant Control Market survey asked PMPs to identify problematic ants and those that caused the largest percentage of service calls in 2019. In follow-up interviews, PMPs shared how some of these ants are impacting their markets and offered tips for control.

5 Questions with Doug Wyly

Manual inventory management is frustrating — it’s a major source of wasted time, money, and employee focus. Veseris’ Business Development Manager, Doug Wyly, talks about the biggest stock-keeping pitfalls pest control companies make, and how automation software like Inventory Manager can help align product availability to business goals.

5 Questions with Dr. Janis Reed

Dr. Janis Reed, Technical Service Manager for Pest Control at Control Solutions Inc., answers questions regarding one of her favorite insects, the ant. Her fascination for these creatures comes from watching hundreds to thousands of individual ants work together as a colony toward a common goal.