August 2016


Cover Story

The King of Sting

Justin O. Schmidt can personally tell you how the sting of 80 species feels. Here’s how he got ‘bitten’ by a love for insects and what drove him to remote places around the world to find stinging things.

Preserving the Ecosystem

From backyard beekeeping to planting flowers and gardens, everyone — including pest management professionals — can do something to help pollinators proliferate.

Fall Pests

Strangers in the Night

Field crickets become abundant around structures in late summer and fall. Their eggs are laid in the guess what they’re up to now?

Mosquito Control Supplement

Wake-up Call

Zika virus raises awareness about the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

Ready to Roll Out Mosquito Control?

With awareness of mosquito-borne disease at an all-time high, more PMPs are considering mosquito control as an add-on service. Here’s how to make it work.

When Spraying Fails Our Neighbors

With a Zika pandemic in Puerto Rico, the Gates Foundation and the CDC rallies money and manpower in the battle against pesticide-resistant mosquitoes.


Rodent Control Issue

Model Behavior

Excerpts from rodent expert Bobby Corrigan’s presentation during PCT’s Rodent Control Virtual Conference.

Exclusion: The Future of Pest Management

Pest exclusion is an old idea, but one that is gaining traction in the industry. Companies that specialize in exclusion may have an advantage for providing long-term, effective methods of keeping pests — especially rodents — out.

Tracking Rats in Crawlspaces

If you have an account with rats, whether indoors or out, don’t ignore the building’s crawlspace when looking for nest sites.

A Different Approach Pays Off

Boston’s EHS Pest Services works primarily at commercial accounts, servicing a variety of diverse locations — from grocery stores and restaurants to pharmaceutical research facilities and the city of Boston. And many of the company’s accounts include rodent work.

Better Bait 'Take'

New research from Purdue University shows PMPs how to better attract rodents to bait stations.