August 2017


In the News

Limiting Tick Risk

The University of Florida and other institutions will share in a $2.45 million grant to research tick-borne disease risks.

Mosquito Control Supplement

Deep Dive

Specialty Consultants offers valuable insights about the rapidly growing mosquito control market.

Protecting Bees While Controlling Mosquitoes

When bees are exposed to certain pesticides, everyone loses. Here are some tips to help the beekeeping community keep their bees safe — information that PMPs should know as well.

Annual Rodent Control Issue

One if by Land, Two if by. . .Vent?

Yankee Pest Control was called to take care of rodent issues at Boston’s Old North Church, one of the country’s most important landmarks.

Choking ON Air

New studies show mouse allergens in schools and inner-cities worsen the symptoms of asthmatic children.


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