August 2019


Cover Story

Grappling with Gripes

No matter how excellent your service is or how friendly your employees are, occasional complaints are inevitable. Are you prepared?

PMP Profile

Pre-Med to PMP

Kevin Thorn, an NPMA/Rentokil Young Entrepreneur Award winner, said his and his company’s success comes from approaching pest control with continual education and training-based leadership.

Family Business

Costs of Family Communication

Developing a budget forces those in the family business to reflect on goals and appreciate the investment made in the family. Investing in the family not only validates that the business is committed to its owners, but that the owners are just as committed to their business.?

Sales & Marketing

On the Radio

Could seemingly “old school” radio advertising be a new marketing tactic to consider? A catchy radio jingle has helped to successfully brand one pest control operator’s business in central Missouri.

Driver Safety

Stop Dangerous Driving

A recent report by the Brownyard Group highlights dangerous and distracted driving practices and the steps companies can take to prevent and protect themselves from accidents.

Focus on Stinging Insects

Social Wasps 101

Wasps are a nuisance around homes, during picnics and in the workplace. Being aware of these pests’ behaviors better equips us to handle the daunting task of stinging insect control.

The Day the Buzzing Stopped

Researchers engaged scientists, the public and elementary students to find out what bees were up to during the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Anger Management

Why do yellowjackets appear to undergo such a dramatic personality change in the fall?

Annual Rodent Control Issue

All Eyes on California

If Bill AB 1788, which targets second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) is signed into law, PMPs in California will need to use different tools to control rodents at homes, schools and most businesses.

A ‘National’ Story

Here’s one PMP’s story about two hours, three ratting dogs and the removal of 66 rats for a National Geographic story about the reemergence of these pests in urban areas.

Careful Consideration

What factors should you consider when selecting exclusion materials? Structural and environmental issues, pest pressure, the scope of the service, and the expertise of the PMP all need to be considered.


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