December 2018


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The Tinkerer

PMP Scot Hodges has developed ingenious hacks to make the lives of fellow professionals just a little bit easier. Here’s how he does it.

Big Success in O-Town

Florida’s PestWorld 2018 was highlighted by a record-breaking number of attendees.

Research Update

Make Way for Biopesticides

Far from conventional, bio-based products are more pest-specific, less toxic, and pose a lower risk to non-target organisms and the environment. They’ll be an important tool in your toolbox sooner than you think.

Executive Profile

Executive Profile: Loretta Mayer

Originating as a way to study heart disease in women through menopausal mice, Loretta Mayer’s development of a fertility control product for rodents led to the founding of a company that is aiming to change the world — one rat at a time.

Bed Bug Supplement

Managing Customer Expectations

Proper communication sets the tone for appropriate expectations. And great (or at least very high) expectations are what today’s consumers have of their pest management professionals.


Technician of the Year Awards Supplement

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