February 2017


Regulatory Update

Protecting Pyrethroids

Experts say regulations governing the use of pyrethroids likely will become more restrictive. That’s why the timing of a new stewardship initiative by PWG is so important.

Regulatory Affairs

The Trump Effect

In the wake of one of the most contentious presidential elections in American history, what does a Trump victory mean for the pest management industry?

Annual Termite Control Issue

Stopping the Conehead Termite Invasion

The conehead termite, which differs from its subterranean relatives with its super-fast reproductive rate, is an aggressive forager known to venture several hundred feet away from the colony to establish satellite nests.

All In To Beat the Conehead Termite

This second-generation pest management professional is working hard with a variety of colleagues to beat this “junkyard dog”-like termite.

Area-Wide Termite Control

Research on Formosan subterranean termites in New Orleans finds that in areas with many termite colonies, elimination of one colony may result in the re-invasion by a neighboring colony. This begs the question: Is it ever possible to maintain a termite-free area?

Focus on Rodent Control

Exclusion Essentials

Bobby Corrigan explains that not only is rodent exclusion important, it’s perhaps the most important aspect of controlling rodents.

Why Is Rodent Tracking So Important?

Both still and video cameras are increasingly being used within the pest control industry to help build an effective rodent control program. Combining new technology with traditional tracking methods can be much more effective and efficient, and less costly.

10 Tools to Track the Big 3

Stephen Gates, an 18-year veteran of Cook’s Pest Control, shares 10 keys for tracking Norway rats, roof rats and house mice.