February 2019


Cover Story

Foam: Friend or Foe?

Spray foam insulation delivers big energy savings for homeowners, but PMPs say it also prevents them from conducting proper termite inspections and identifying moisture leaks. As such, they’re cancelling customer termite warranties, fearing a replay of the EIFS fiasco that cost the industry millions.

In the News

Knock It Off!

Are non-solicitation regulations really a deterrent for door-knocking pest control companies that are invested in face-to-face marketing?

Volunteer Opportunity

Giving Back With Grants

Cleveland Dixon, owner and president of Holiday Termite & Pest Control, joined the grant selection committee for the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia to help fund local nonprofits.

Invasive Pests

On Alert

A recent study finds one-sixth of land on Earth is highly vulnerable to invasive species.

Annual Termite Control Issue

Destination Bahamas

A paper from Ohio State University reports that Formosan subterranean termites have become established on Grand Bahama Island.


New Technology Supplement


Pest management professionals are tapping into NextDoor, a growing private social network that connects neighbors.

News & Notes

A round-up of news and product information about new technology in the pest management industry.

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