July 2019

Cover Story

Why Talent Walks

Do you know that boosting employee engagement reduces turnover? Engaging employees and fostering a positive, collaborative culture is key for pest management companies that want to retain their outstanding employees.


PCT Event

Education Made Easy

The sixth annual PCT Mergers & Acquisitions Virtual Conference will provide expert advice from some of the industry’s leading authorities on mergers and acquisitions and family business issues.

PCT on the Road

Deep in the Heart of Texas

UPFDA members inspired by Iraq war hero who helped capture Saddam Hussein and say goodbye to longtime Executive Director Valera Jessee at Annual Spring Conference in San Antonio.

New Technology

FIT To Be Stopped

The Frye Inspection Tool (FIT) is a probe that can be used to determine if an opening is large enough to permit a mouse or rat.

Annual Cockroach Control Issue

Standard of Care: Cockroach Control

Are you applying the same control techniques to multi-family housing as you are to commercial kitchen accounts? If you’re not…why is that the case?

‘Bug Bombs’ Ineffective at Killing Roaches Indoors

Research from North Carolina State University finds total release foggers do not kill cockroaches. In fact, they put pesticides in places where the cockroaches aren’t and they’re increasing pesticide levels in the home.

Rethinking German Cockroach Control

Entomologist Dini Miller proves that an assessment-based, bait-only, no-prep approach to German cockroach control in low-income housing can achieve ‘miraculous’ results.

When Problems are Good for Business

Unrealistic expectations, DIY treatments and behaviors that reintroduce the pest top PMPs’ list of aggravations when controlling German cockroaches. Yet some say these headaches offer an opportunity to improve the business.

Focus on Public Health

Double Trouble

Certainly flies and rodents can cause annoyance, fear and disgust for customers. But do you know all of the potentially dangerous health threats they can cause as well?

Ticks: More Than Just Lyme Disease

There are many challenges to effective tick management. PMPs must deal with many different tick species — and the ranges of those ticks are expanding.


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