July 2021


Cover Story

CSRs: Your First Responders

Customer service representatives are most often a pest management company’s first point of contact and set the tone for the customer experience. How is this role adapting to changing client needs and evolving technology?

PCT Events

Buying and Selling

PCT’s Virtual M&A Conference is set for Aug. 18. Tune in as leading merger and acquisition specialists discuss how PMPs can position their companies for sale and build wealth.

PCT on the Road

Time for Tech

Next month, PMPs and landscape professionals will meet in Orlando to learn more about technology in their respective industries. New this year: A track specifically for PMPs!

management issues

Let It Go

Maybe your eye for detail is viewed by employees like micromanaging. Or maybe you’re hovering because there’s a people or process problem. Whatever the issue, people appreciate breathing room. Here’s how to create a culture where people are empowered to solve problems.

Tick Control

Ticks on the Move

There’s lots to discuss regarding ticks: their ranges are expanding, they are spreading more disease and new species are emerging in your service areas.

Annual Cockroach Control Issue

The Training Game

Develop a hands-on game plan to prepare technicians for a face-off against German cockroaches.

Do Cockroaches Bite?

Although uncommon in the United States, cockroaches occasionally will gnaw on human skin. While these occurrences are rare, the likelihood can increase in severely infested dwellings.

Why Exclusion Matters

Inspecting and maintaining a food-processing facility with an eye for cockroach/insect exclusion will result in an account that is far less hospitable to pests.

Research Roundup 2020

Advances in developing German cockroach management tools didn’t stop last year just because of the pandemic. Here’s a review of research from 2020 that will surely impact PMPs in the future.


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5 Questions with Tom Costello, Sponsored by GreenTech Heat Solutions

There’s more to heat than just treating for bed bugs and wood-destroying insects. Do you know about using thermal technology for cockroach control? Tom Costello is the director of technical services for GreenTech Heat Solutions. He has over 35 years of experience in the pest control and termite fields. Tom has worked with many different industries in the use of thermal technology for the control of many different insect species.

5 Questions with Dr. Jamel Sandidge, Sponsored by Nisus

Foam Fresh is a “green” bio-cleaner specialized in reducing and preventing organic buildup such as fats, oils, grease, proteins and grime, which in turn eliminates odors and helps to counteract substandard sanitation practices, the goal being a safe and clean environment.