July 2022

Cover Story

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Rising temperatures are having an impact on every corner of the pest control industry. From how it affects customers and employees to vehicles and equipment, here’s what you need to know to beat the heat.

Hot Ones

Rising temperatures are taking a toll on workers. Learn how to protect them.

Making Moves

People are moving to warm locations, which has been a boon for pest management companies serving those areas. Here’s what that might mean in the long term.

Fleet Heat

High outdoor temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicles’ mechanical and electrical systems. Make sure your fleet is summer road ready.

Warp and Wear

Sun and heat affect equipment performance and lifespan. Get tips to keep heat-related breakdowns to a minimum.

Hot Spot

Rethink pesticide applications and storage in hot locales and during extreme heat events.

Range Finder

A changing climate is having an effect on the geographical ranges of animals of all sizes. Here’s what that means for you and your business.


Lawn Tech Conference

On The Horizon

Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference keynote speaker, Jack Shaw, talks the future of technology, mistakes made by businesses and much more.

Pest Control & Public Health

Whistling in the Dark

It’s true that recluse spiders mean us no harm, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a threat if encountered by you or other members of the public. Think of it as the Loxosceles lottery. Are you feeling lucky?

Annual Cockroach Control Issue

Mass Appeal

A recent study compared baiting and mass trapping for controlling low-level German cockroach populations in apartments.

The Usual Bug-spects

When it comes to commercial versus residential cockroach accounts, you have to know what to look for and what the differences are in order to control them.



5 Questions with Brittany Campbell

Dr. Brittany Campbell, Technical Services Manager at Control Solutions, Inc., explains cockroach management techniques and tools PMPs can use to help better manage these pests.

5 Questions with Dr. Jamel Sandidge

According to Dr. Sandidge, most PMPs have a misconception that products containing borates are exceptionally slow. While this may be true when compared to fast-acting pyrethroids, borates actually operate at a speed similar to slow-acting pesticides and termiticides (also known as non-repellent insecticides). It’s important to rebuild the story of borates with up-to-date information including current research. They are not nearly as slow as people think.

5 Questions with Ryan Neff

If general exterior pest treatments are not keeping ants out of a structure, identification is critical, MGK's Ryan Neff reminds. Some ants require soil contact, while others nest both inside and outside of a structure.

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Roach Report

From treatment protocols to clean-outs and curbing callbacks, PMPs tell us how they’re managing this public health pest.

Inspection, Please!

Thorough inspections with great attention to detail are the first step before spraying or baiting. It’s all about targeting the harborage areas.