June 2017


Cover Story

Alien Invasion!

PMPs across the country are battling the brown marmorated stink bug. Here’s what you need to know about these invasive pests — and how to develop a plan of action.

State of Distribution

All Eyes on Washington

Speakers at the UPFDA Spring Conference look to our nation’s capital for insights about future regulatory trends, Office of Pesticide Program funding, and Zika control efforts.

Annual Fly Control Issue

Pests of the Pipes

Whether there’s too much or not enough water in your customer’s pipes, both have pest consequences that can be prevented.

Meet The Cluster Fly

In some areas, large numbers of cluster flies can end up indoors when temperatures drop in early fall.

Small Fly Control: Treat the Source

Pest control professionals’ control measures must include a varied approach aimed at small fly larvae and adults, with sanitation being key.

Down the Drain

What happens when drain flies invade an entomologist’s bathroom? An experiment happens, of course! Find out the results of using a bacterial drain cleaner product to control a moth fly infestation.

Bed Bug Supplement

One-Two Punch

Research out of New Mexico State University discusses control of pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains with a combination of ß-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid, and how surface materials greatly affect residuality and toxic activity of insecticides.

Sacrifice and Survival

With research from Dr. Gail Ridge of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, PMPs can learn the surprising (and shocking) behaviors bed bugs utilize to survive one more day.

Offering Pro Bono Services

PMPs often give generously of their time. But they need to establish at the outset exactly what type of bed bug control services they can and are willing to donate.

Proactive Policy Pays Off

Plunkett’s Pest Control's multi-unit, full-building, proactive bed bug inspections are a win-win. And clients are saving money.

Changing of the Guard

Wil-Kil canine Max retired. His replacement, Jack, is the company’s fourth dog.


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