June 2018


PCT on the Road

UPFDA’s Golden Anniversary

Nearly 100 product suppliers and industry stakeholders traveled to Chicago recently to celebrate UPFDA’s 50th anniversary, participating in a combination of educational and social events, topped off by a final night banquet featuring Hall of Fame football player Dan Hampton.

Cover Story

Merger Mania

On the Move! Merger and acquisition activity continues at breakneck speed as Terminix, Anticimex and Rentokil all purchased Top 100 companies in May. What’s next?


Get a Clue

A key piece of evidence when inspecting a structure for wood-infesting beetles is the insect frass left behind, as well as the size and shape of emergence holes.

Conference Coverage

The Best Techs Analyze

Equipment and chemicals are important, but knowing how to analyze the problem, the people and the control approach are a service technician’s most valuable assets.

Annual Fly Control Issue

Talking Trash

What’s the best approach for filth fly control in food facilities?

Fruit Flies

Because they breed in such a variety of sites, technicians must be sure to inspect beyond the obvious.

Bed Bug Supplement

Protecting Fire Sprinkler Systems

The National Fire Sprinkler Association provides insights into how fire sprinklers work and some best practices for protecting the devices when using heat treatment for bed bug mitigation.

Can I See Your I.D.?

Care should be taken when examining suspected evidence of bed bugs to avoid misidentification. Here are some common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid to ensure you’re on the right track when conducting an inspection.

News & Notes

A round-up of news and product information about bed bug control.


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