June 2019

Cover Story


PCT Event

Education Made Easy

PCT will host its inaugural Commercial Pest Control Virtual Conference next month. Plan to attend if you’re interested in learning more about this growing market.

PMP Profile

A Patriotic Employer

The story of one pest control operator’s way of supporting troops and veterans from her office in Flagstaff, Ariz. — and the two Patriot Awards she received for her efforts.


Gas Leak!

If you detect a very strong gas odor or if you hear a hissing or blowing noise at a customer’s home during a service call would you know how to respond?

Family Business

The Parallel Planning Process

Developing a winning strategy for both the family and the business requires balance. The best family business executives understand that a well-informed and engaged shareholder group is among the greatest competitive advantages they have as a company.

Next Steps

Once you’ve decided to sell your company, what should you do next to ensure you’re well represented and get the best deal?

Cover Story: Annual Fly Control Issue

Ingenious Insects

At a California lake, there’s a fly that carries its own scuba gear.

Bed Bug Supplement

Safety First

Like all aspects of pest control, bed bug service is not without its risks. Therefore, be aware of the following chemical and nonchemical concerns associated with this service.

Easing Property Managers’ Woes

Proactive bed bug inspections and subsequent “clearance” letters are enabling one PMP to ease property managers’ liability concerns.

Management In Office Environments

Recent research finds that bed bugs are capable of establishing breeding infestations in places that don’thave people sleeping overnight.

Resistance Is Not Futile

Although bed bug resistance to insecticide is real, it’s not insurmountable. PMPs just need to be prepared. By Anne Nagro

Horror Stories

Bed bugs can be a nightmare for PMPs, but they don’t have to be if you’re armed with the knowledge to control these pests in sensitive accounts.

Preventing Lawsuits

PMPs need to make sure they’re communicating often and clearly with customers so that bed bug control expectations are clear.


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