March 2016


Cover Story

Selling The Middle Ground

The middle class — the income bracket pest control companies generally consider their “sweet spot” — is shrinking. How important is the middle class when it comes to pest control sales? PCT investigates.

Termite Control

Taste Test

U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists tested 10 commercial lumber species to learn which woods a termite favors — and spurns.

PCO Profile

Old School

Roy Rich, age 82, continues solving pest problems as Kentucky’s oldest active PCO. As such, he recently received the KPMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bed Bug Supplement

Research Update: Portable Heat Chambers

For those who frequently encounter bed bug infestations, new research finds a portable heating unit offers a convenient method for eliminating bed bugs potentially hidden on clothing or personal belongings.

Bed Bugs in NYC: One PMP’s Perspective

James Molluso, a second-generation PMP from Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Northeastern Exterminating, shares some of his observations about the bed bug problem in New York City and some of the challenges and opportunities it has brought to his company.

Researchers Determine Bed Bug Genome

Experts say the findings may help manufacturers leverage these genomic resources to screen the effectiveness of available chemicals and lower the cost of getting new insecticides to market.

News & Notes

A review of news and product information from industry suppliers.