March 2018



Ecolab Expands

Ecolab Pest Elimination recently made its first acquisitions since its “founding five.” The acquisitions include Food Protection Services, Royal Pest Solutions and Research Fumigation Company.

Termite Control

On Target

Newly developed insecticide and fungus combination could more effectively control, eliminate termites.

Focus on Rodent Control

Tips for Tracking, Trapping and Technology

This rodent control expert suggests channeling Sherlock Holmes in the battle against rodents. What follows are some hands-on tips to help you solve even the biggest rodent mysteries.

Bed Bug Supplement

Turning Down the Heat

How can your pest management firm lower its risk when performing heat treatments?

Seeing Red

Adult bed bugs prefer red and black, but avoid yellow and green.

The Hazards of Overpromising

Does your firm offer bed bug treatment guarantees? Here’s what you need to know about this contract language.

Customer or Victim?

How you view a bed bug infestation depends upon which side of the bed you get up on. PMPs may want to consider adjusting their bed bug practices to be extra sensitive to their customers’ concerns and needs.

News & Notes

A round-up of news and product information about bed bug control.