March 2019


Cover Story

No (Spring) Break

It’s spring break season! For many PMPs, customers’ vacation homes offer a year-round opportunity to sell pest control service. Are you ready to take the plunge?

PCT Event

Education Made Easy

PCT will host its inaugural Public Health Virtual Conference next month. Plan to attend if you’re interested in learning more about the industry’s hottest market.

Termite Update

Termites Weaken Trees

Research finds Asian subterranean termites can kill pine trees and hollow out the trunk of many other trees, including oaks, making them structurally fragile and susceptible to hurricanes.

Bed Bug Supplement


A primer for using desiccant dust to control and prevent bed bugs.

Done Being Embarrassed?

While customers still want discretion, they are willing to ask friends and family about their experiences with bed bug control.

News & Notes

A review of bed bug news and product information from industry suppliers.

Focus on Distribution

San Antonio Hosts Annual UPFDA Spring Conference

Manufacturers, formulators and distributors will travel to the ‘Lone Star State’ in April to share business insights, network, and address emerging regulatory issues that could impact this important segment of the pest management industry.

News & Notes

A round-up of news and product information about distributors in the pest management industry.

Mosquito Control

Proper Protection

Pest management professionals can encourage customers to prevent their exposure to mosquitoes by creating a comprehensive guide for them to follow.

On the Move

Infectious mosquitoes are turning up in new regions.

Neighborhood Watch

How Asian tiger mosquito habitat varies from block to block in an urban setting.

Another Species May Carry Zika

UF/IFAS Florida Medical Entomology Lab researchers have found Culex quinquefasciatus can contain live Zika virus in saliva.


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