March 2022

Cover Story

Taking Charge

Momentum is on the side of women in pest management. Prominent female leaders, including Truly Nolen’s Scarlett Nolen, share why this is good for the industry and explore some of the hurdles they still face to achieve parity.


COVID-19 Update

What COVID-19 Taught Us

We’ve all been hurt in different ways by COVID-19. But there is a silver lining. Many of the business practices PCOs have adopted during the past two years will shape the industry for the better in the coming years.

Termite Control

Risk Mostly Modest

To reduce liability for termite service, PMPs say it is essential to perform thorough inspections and provide a service proven to deliver results.

Bed Bug Supplement

Surface Value

Unlike other human pests, bed bugs only feed on their hosts for a short time before moving away to hide until it’s time for their next meal. University of Kentucky entomologists have found this behavior is due to triglycerides on the skin surface that repel the bugs.

Mosquito Control Supplement

Weird Water Sources

Don’t water down the inspection! Water can gather in many places you might not consider, including polluted water.

Wardrobe Upgrade

Researchers created mosquito-resistant clothing that prevented 100 percent of bites in trials.

Reducing Pesticide Drift

Are you doing everything you should to prevent unwanted pesticides from making their way to the neighbor’s yard?



5 Questions with Jeff Tucker

There are two primary issues with callbacks: the specific pest problem, and the customer’s reaction to their need for additional service. Resolving the pest problem can be straightforward. Making the customer happy in the process can be more challenging. Here are five questions/answers that may help lead to the successful resolution of a customer callback.

5 Questions with Dr. Nina Jenkins

Aprehend is a very different solution — there’s nothing else like it for bed bugs in structural pest control. So, ConidioTec often gets some interesting questions and we thought they might be of use when explaining Aprehend to both residential and commercial clients.

5 Questions with Greg Pettis

Everyone hates a rain delay! Yes, precipitation can often ruin a route, but all-natural granules can help save the day. Here, Greg Pettis, vice president of business development, Nature-Cide, explains how PMPs can best use all-natural granules in wet conditions.

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New Program Cuts Bed Bug Incidents by 99%

In an affordable housing community that experienced 80 incidents annually, slashing bed bugs to near zero over two years improved the quality of life of residents and staff.