May 2017

Cover Story: Top 100

Top 100 Map

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Rentokil Steritech Acquires Heron Home & Outdoor

Big news in Florida: The 39th company on the PCT Top 100 was acquired by #3. What does Rentokil Steritech’s acquisition of Apopka, Fla.-based Heron Home & Outdoor mean for the pest management industry in the Sunshine State?


Public Health

Not Recluse

Researchers have developed an acronym to help reduce brown recluse spider bite misdiagnoses.

In the News

Working Together

The CDC recently awarded $10 million for insect-borne disease centers at four universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Focus on New Technology

Want an App for That?

Readers share their dozen favorite apps that give them “hands on” access to information in the field and office.

Adopting a ‘Click to Buy’ Strategy

Austin, Texas-based ABC Home & Commercial Services successfully differentiated itself from others in the market by showing customers how easy it is to do business with the firm.

Fleet Thoughts

Executives who operate some of the industry’s largest fleets discuss issues from driver safety to procurement and what you can do to better manage this valuable asset.

Fleet Product Guide

A review of fleet management products and services that are used in the pest control industry.


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