May 2018

Cover Story: Top 100

Top 100 Map

A map showing where each Top 100 firm is located in North America. Plus a review of the companies no longer on the list due to M&A activity.


All the same names in all the same places? Not by a long shot. The Top 100 list looks very different this year, thanks to historic levels of M&A activity. What does this breakup mean for the industry at large?

What Sellers Look For

Whether you decide to sell your company because you want to retire or go on to something else, or because someone has made you an incredible oferr, selling can be a tough process.

The Handshake Deal

Forget the business school approach. When Plunkett’s acquired Varment Guard earlier this year, the owners sat at the table like family to figure out the best way to bring together their two companies.


Arachnid Alert

(Not) Home Alone

Spiders are found in virtually every home in North America, but service technicians could still benefit from learning some ‘fun facts’ about these ubiquitous pests.

Ant Control

Carpenter Ants: Slow But Steady

It may take carpenter ants several years to establish a colony but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a significant pest. Here are a few tips to help you gain the upper hand.

In the Field

Trust But Verify

Is the customer experience at your pest management firm what you think it is? Third-party verification could provide answers you’re looking for.

Technology Trends

Revving Up with Fleet Telematics

Can your firm benefit from monitoring its vehicles more closely? You’ll need to understand the data you need to have, research available options and consider whether the potential upside — both from a customer service and financial perspective — exceeds the costs involved.

Danger Ahead

According to insurance companies and law enforcement officials, distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions. Here are some tips for updating your company’s cell phone use policies.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Cyber criminals created a data breach at a pest control company through a simple email. How can you prevent the same from happening to your firm?

Overcoming Digital Distractions

It’s difficult to concentrate on the task at hand when there are so many digital distractions today. Here are some tips to help you and your staff focus more effectively.

News & Notes

A round-up of news and product information about new technology in the pest management industry.


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