May 2019

Cover Story: Top 100

15 Ways Acquisitions Affect You

Mergers and acquisitions had a big impact once again on our annual ranking of Top 100 companies. But how does this activity affect smaller pest management companies? And will markets be forever changed as a result?

Q&A with Scarlett Nolen

PCT sat down with the new Truly Nolen president, Scarlett Nolen, to learn more about her background, future plans for the firm and which Avenger she likes best.

Two the Pointe

Jacob and Jared Borg operate completely separate Pointe Pest Control businesses that are fast-growing members of the PCT Top 100.

Breaking News: New to Next Year’s List: Certus

On May 1 it was announced that a new private equity-backed firm, Certus, has taken a seat at the M&A table with the acquisition of two Seattle, Wash., companies: Eco Elite Pest Control and Mathis Exterminating.


Cover Story: Top 100

Terminix Turnaround

2018 was a grind at Terminix. Strategic acquisitions and an internal focus on people and processes are helping build a culture of serving, caring and delivering at one of the industry’s most recognized pest control operations.

Ant Control

The Where + Why: Ants on the Move

Humans move ants. And now with warmer temperatures becoming the norm, the pests have a lot more suitable places to settle down, say entomologists and pest management professionals.

Spider ID

Identity Thief

While pest control technicians may not see much damage from spiders, customers’ concerns about these eight-legged critters should warrant a deeper knowledge of spider ID.

Family Business

Delivering a Difficult Message

It’s a task most family businesses must deal with at one time or another: delivering tough performance feedback to a relative. Here are some ideas to deal with this challenging situation.

Giving Back

Coming Together

With personal savings and support from the pest control industry, Andrea Hancock launched P.E.S.T. Relief International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the worldwide community through humanitarian relief.

Mosquito Control Supplement

What’s the Next Zika?

What’s needed for a mosquito-borne illness to spread throughout the United States? Here’s a look at the future of viruses, vectors and victims.

High Resistance

Research finds some Florida strains of Aedes aegypti are resistant to permethrin.

Mosquito Q&A

A review of common mosquito biology and treatment questions.

Virus Detection Made Easier

New research finds that traps are easily modified to collect mosquito waste. A new system has the potential to enhance detection of pathogens.


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