May 2020

Cover Story: Top 100

Top 100 List

The industry’s 100 largest firms, ranked according to 2019 revenues.

First Person: What Are We Gonna Do Now?

Hal Coleman, a speaker/consultant and the longtime owner of North Fulton Exterminating, Alpharetta, Ga., shares his thoughts on how to stay positive amid the COVID-19 pandemic and fallout.

The Middle-Class Squeeze

“Living the dream” costs more than it used to. What it means to be middle class in America has evolved — and all service businesses are competing for a spot in the household budget. Here’s what Top 100 firms are doing to shore up these accounts.

Global Market, Global Players

Market data shows the top five international pest control servicing companies account for 30-35 percent of the global pest control market. The balance is made up of literally thousands of smaller companies.

The USA Comes to Europe

Much has been written within the pages of PCT about the increased involvement of European pest control companies in the U.S., in particular the activities of Rentokil and Anticimex. But this “invasion” is not all one way. U.S. companies have been spreading their wings too, eyeing up the opportunities offered by having a global footprint. So how and why has this all come about? Which U.S. companies are venturing into Europe?

Top 100 News & Notes

Who’s off the list? What are some recent mergers and acquisitions? Here’s a round-up of news about PCT Top 100 firms.


Mosquito Control Supplement

A Basic Mosquito Primer

Those providing mosquito management services should not offer just one method of control. PMPs also need to provide prevention services by removing and managing breeding sources.

Four Ways to Protect Customers

During these uncertain times, as customers may be spending more time outdoors, PMPs need to help them take control of mosquitoes in their backyards.

Trap Tips

Different types of mosquito traps are designed to do different things. Here’s a review of different ways to use them and the benefits of mosquito traps.

Public Health Protectors

Nothing But Nets partners with many, including the pest control industry, to try to stop malaria globally.


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