November 2017


Cover Story

Rodent Magnet: Pests, Dumpsters and the Nearest Door

Commercial food-serving establishments and their dumpsters are magnets for pests; the nearest door serves as an entry opportunity to the building. The combination of the two is likely the cause of your client’s pest infestation. How can you stop this vicious cycle?

Company Profile

AP&G: A Survivor’s Story

After losing everything he held dear, Hungarian chemist and Holocaust survivor Moses Frisch came to America to build a new life. Today, his family carries on the legacy of their beloved founder and the business he established 65 years ago.

ESA Excerpt

Why Human Behavior is Hurting Honey Bees

In the search for answers to the complex health problems and colony losses experienced by honey bees in recent years, it may be time for professionals and hobbyists in the beekeeping industry to look in the mirror.


10 training tips

A little time spent building and presenting safety training to your team will pay big dividends in terms of equipment downtime, repair expenses — and happy customers.


Micro-Influencers, Big Results

A new trend in promoting your business is via micro-influencers: Brands partner with customers on social media to promote products and services with authentic posts. It’s an easy way to leverage the superior customer service your pest control company is providing. Here’s how.

Add-On Services

Looking Up for New Revenue

Attic inspections and pest management services generated from them have created a revenue stream for some PMPs. Should you consider looking for business in your customers’ attics?


PPMA 20th Anniversary Supplement