November 2016



Got Game?

If you want to play in the big leagues and service stadiums, there’s often a cost involved that has nothing to do with treating for pests. Can you afford to foot the bill for sponsorships and season tickets? PCT talked to pest management firms that are winning at these accounts.


First Responders

Pest control companies were among the first to reach out to residents in Louisiana affected by recent flooding. And in doing so, they faced expected — and unexpected pest — issues.

Human Resources

The Dirty Dozen: Part 2 of 2

Why do some companies fail and others succeed? Here are 6 (of 12) tips to help you focus on the human side of human resources. Hiring the right people, maintaining their employment, motivating them and helping them grow is a huge factor in the success or failure of any company.

PMP Profile

On The Hunt for Kindness

To have employees become more active in community service projects, Slug-A-Bug Pest Control created an interactive scavenger hunt that snowballed into a powerful charity drive and company unifier.


Special Report: Small Fly Control

Adventures In Small Fly Control

Stoy Hedges reviews some of the different situations PMPs encounter when dealing with small flies based on his extensive experience with these pests.

Tiny Detective Work

Differentiating the behavior and biology of small flies leads to better detection of their breeding sites.

Understand The Hot Spots

All small flies are a nuisance. Dr. Gerry Wegner provides tips on how PMPs can better integrate small fly control into their arsenal of service offerings.