November 2021


PCT Event

The Rundown on Rodents

PCT’s Virtual Rodent Conference will be held Wednesday, Dec. 15. Hear from rodent control experts Dr. Bobby Corrigan, Claudia Riegel and Efrain Velasco.

Cover Story

Sell, Sell, Sell

Pest management companies — especially smaller ones — need a strategic sales program if they want to grow post pandemic. Here, PMPs share strategies that work for them — strategies that can work for your firm too.

Research Update

Low-Impact Ant IPM

New research shows Argentine ant IPM with a pheromone adjuvant and boric acid hydrogel bait can decrease chemical applications and provide quicker control.

Lessons Learned

Pest Management Is Proactive

A program cannot work if the pest management professional is always putting out fires or implementing Band-Aid solutions. Pest management starts with considerable preventative effort and is complemented by a thorough monitoring and inspection program.


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