October 2016



UPFDA: The Year in Review

Whether strengthening ties with NPMA, addressing an array of regulatory issues, or hosting an annual spring conference, it’s been a productive year for the venerable organization with roots back to the 1960s.

In the News

Changing Workforce, Changing HR

New human resources regulations, many tied to societal and demographic trends, have employers scrambling to comply. An expert shares how to navigate these new rules.

Bouncing The Ball Differently

At the PCT Top 100 Awards Ceremony and Executive Summit in June, owners learned how to change their business game plan to achieve championship results.

Business Profile

A Second Act

He was supposed to be “retired,” but that didn’t stop Donnie Hazelwood from building American South Termite and Pest Control into a unique, thriving pest management firm.

human resources

The Dirty Dozen: Part 1 of 2

Why do some companies fail and others succeed? Here are 6 (of 12) tips to help you focus on the human side of human resources. Hiring the right people, maintaining their employment, motivating them and helping them grow is a huge factor in the success or failure of any company.


Cover Story: Embracing Millennials

Embracing Millennials

They’re changing everything. Whether you’re courting millennials as employees or customers, your company will need to adapt. Read on to learn how to make your firm more appealing to this transformative generation.

What’s Work Got to Do With It?

This up-and-coming workforce is looking for more than a job. Showing how pest control can “do good” and providing opportunities to make a difference can attract talented young people.

Status Update: Don’t Sell to Me

Members of this information-hungry group have high customer service expectations and want to spend money with companies that “get” them.

Crown Leadership Awards, Sponsored By Syngenta

Commercial Success: It’s Simple

Expanded labels for Arilon insecticide and Archer insect growth regulator give pest management professionals (PMPs) more flexibility than ever when treating commercial accounts, including food-handling facilities.

Rebates Your Way

Enhancements to PestPartners 365 will make it even easier to earn year-round rewards on product purchases without chasing deals of the day.

Adam Jones

Quality assurance is only the start for this longtime Massey executive. Here’s how one of our industry’s greatest educators, mentors and champions is making a difference.

Dennis Judy

A former school teacher advances the careers of his technicians through a lifelong commitment to education and training.

Scott McNeely

Veteran PMP creates a culture of kindness, mutual respect and opportunity at McNeely Pest Control.

Tom Myers

While his thirst for adventure and quest for knowledge never wanes, photographer and entomologist Tom Myers hasn’t changed in light of his worldwide acclaim.

Dr. Shripat Kamble

With experience as both a PMP and in higher education, this researcher has cultivated a career rooted in both learning and teaching.

Michael Botha

South African native is a self-made PCO living the ‘American Dream.’

Lifetime Achievement Award

PCT and Syngenta will announce the third “Lifetime Achievement Award” winner at the Crown Leadership Awards ceremony at NPMA PestWorld in Seattle.

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