October 2017


PCT Event

Save the Date

PCT will host its fourth annual Rodent Control Virtual Conference next month. Plan to attend if you’re interested in learning how to better manage complex rodent infestations in both urban and rural settings.

Cover Story

She Can Do It!

Women servicing pest control accounts and holding leadership positions in this industry got over the whole “bug thing” a long time ago. It’s time to market how females protect public health, teach people, help families — and create some pretty incredible and stable career paths, too.

The Labor Market By The Numbers

PCT wanted to know what readers think about the current labor situation in their area of the country. Are labor costs on the rise? Are quality candidates even available? Are you proactively searching for specific types of employees? What follows are the results of a recent PCT survey about the labor market in the pest control industry.

Online Training

CEUs For You

Every month, PCT’s Distance Learning Center gains additional state and product approvals. Want to learn more? Read on.

Fall Pests

‘Fall’ Out

Fall-invading pests are annoying. They also can damage property, cause health issues and attract other pests. Here’s how to handle them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Big Mistake

They’re something you might not think about until it’s too late. Are you hurting yourself by not having proper employment and non-competition agreements in place?

“Flying” Insects


PMPs aspire to keep their customers’ properties free of flying insects. Aircraft experts aspire to keep their airplanes free of bug guts. Here’s a look at the science behind removing bug remains from “the friendly skies.”


What Warmer Means

A new analysis by Stanford researchers reveals that the ideal temperature for the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya and Zika is 84°F. This finding helps predict disease outbreaks in a warming world.

In the Field

On The Hunt

When entomologist Bob Belmont trapped insects for a biodiversity event at the Central Florida Zoo in 2010, he was inspired to start his own study, trapping and logging nearly 10,000 insects.


Crown Leadership Awards, Sponsored By Syngenta

Cockroach Control: Proactively Preventing Bait Aversion

The launch of two Syngenta cockroach gel baits includes an enhanced bait matrix and a new active ingredient to the U.S. market. Used in a rotational strategy, these products will encourage cockroaches to keep feeding.

Mosquito Control: A Smart Add-On

The SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program gives PMPs the products and tools to offer a profitable mosquito add-on service that suits their business model.

A Broad-spectrum Legacy

With its proprietary microcap technology, long-lasting Demand CS has been a market-leading broad-spectrum insecticide for more than 20 years.

Juan Angulo Jr.

Whether an employee, customer, peer or “finca,” this veteran product distributor with a lifelong commitment to the pest control industry gives as he has received.

Stuart Aust

Faith, family, hard work and a “go for it” attitude help Stuart Aust launch and lead an impressive family of brands.

Wayne Golden

Accomplished executive is widely praised for mentoring colleagues at Rollins and throughout the industry.

Dr. Nan-Yao Su

The scientist who revolutionized termite control inspires researchers around the world to keep asking big questions.

John Myers

The affable CEO of Rentokil Steritech proves that nice guys can finish first.

Lifetime Achievement Award

PCT and Syngenta will announce the fourth “Lifetime Achievement Award” winner at the Crown Leadership Awards ceremony.

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