October 2018


PCT Event

Education Made Easy

PCT will host its fifth annual Rodent Control Virtual Conference next month. Plan to attend if you’re interested in learning how to better manage complex rodent infestations in both urban and rural settings.

Cover Story

Uninvited Guests

Researchers found MORE THAN 600 genera of arthropods inside people’s homes. Will that freak out your customers? It shouldn’t. Here’s what you need to know.

What do Consumers Think?

Numbers don’t lie. Research from PPMA shows what consumers’ pest-related health fears are, as well as what they think of the pest management industry.

Public Health

On Alert

Chagas disease, caused by a parasite, has spread outside of Latin America and carries a high risk of heart disease. Here’s what PMPs need to know.

PCT on the Road

Charleston Celebration

In June, PCT, Univar and Syngenta honored the industry’s Top 100 companies with educational sessions, networking and an evening awards ceremony.

Sensitive Accounts

Patriotic Pests

The staff at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia needed to “rewrite history” when webbing clothes moths began interfering with their work at the birthplace of the U.S. flag.

PCO Profile

Riding in Style

PMP Tom “Curly” McCormick combined his pest control expertise with his passion for auto body design to create a unique motorcycle.

Ant Control

Urban Success Story

Odorous house ant colonies thrive in urban spaces where fewer ant species survive. Urban odorous house ants can drive out their competitors and burgeon into big pest problems, requiring full treatment of the colony and increased monitoring. Here’s some insight to guide proper control efforts.

First Person

Tough Job

Selling your business is difficult even in the best of situations. One mergers and acquisitions consultant shares five reasons why he thinks PMPs shouldn’t attempt a for sale by owner (FSBO).


Creating Signs That Sell

If your business cards and signs don’t contain a clear, concise and compelling message, you are leaving a lot of easy money on the table. And that’s money you could be putting in the bank.


Crown Leadership Awards, Sponsored By Syngenta

‘Miraculous’ Cockroach Control

Virginia Tech’s Dr. Dini Miller proves that German cockroaches can be eliminated in highly infested low-income housing. Two new gel baits from Syngenta are part of the solution.

Best-Kept Industry Secret

An expert at controlling pests in food handling facilities says ‘insect-activated’ Arilon insecticide is a great fit for challenging control environments, and more PMPs could benefit from its use.

Everyone Wins

The all-inclusive PestPartners 365 Program from Syngenta lets every pest management company, regardless of size, earn rebates and save big all year long. So, what are you waiting for?

David Fisher

A level head and steady hand have made Dave Fisher a go-to resource among his peers, but it’s his sense of adventure that has taken his career over the top.

Dr. Faith Oi

Faith Oi isn’t just the brains behind the science; she’s the bridge between ‘AHA!’ and ‘Hey, this stuff really works!’

Dan Collins

This Indiana PCO has combined his technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to create a successful, well-respected firm.

Jerry Gahlhoff

The ability to embrace change and connect with people on a personal level is what makes this industry veteran such an effective leader.

Karl Kisner

From launching one of the industry’s best-known products to growing Univar’s marketing footprint, Karl J. Kisner knows how to make a decision and execute a plan.

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