October 2019


PCT Event

Education Made Easy

PCT’s annual Rodent Control Virtual Conference will be held in December and features an array of expert speakers. Attend from your home or office!

Understanding Insects’ Roles

The loss of beneficial insects impacts our entire ecosystem. What do PMPs need to know and how should they talk about the topic with their customers?

What PMPs Are Doing

Rose Pest Solutions teamed up with apiaries and other organizations to support honeybees and other pollinators.

Teaching the Importance of Pollinators

University of Florida officials have created a curriculum that helps educators educate students about pollinators and the role they play in producing food.

Backing the Good Bugs

Manufacturers are promoting IPM, education, proper label use and investing in outreach to help PMPs and consumers understand the industry’s positive impact on beneficial insects.

The Big Lift

Insects are ecosystem linchpins — small, seemingly trivial but critically influential components that keep the wheels on the nutrient cycle. And every link in the food chain is held together by insects. Here’s why that matters.

The Importance of Calibration

Researchers from the University of Georgia share lessons learned from their study of hand-held compression sprayers.

In the News

That’s Dope

More states are legalizing recreational use of marijuana and public acceptance of the drug is at an all-time high. So, where does that leave employers like you?

Family Business

Understanding Profitability

In a family business, profit is not a black-and-white concept. It is seen as a dynamic mix of business performance, stakeholder personality and family business culture.

Seasonal Pests

Fall Invaders

To prevent fall pests from entering a structure, apply all exclusion materials and pesticide treatments before adults begin moving in.

Corporate Spotlight

A New Day

As the company goes public, Corteva Agriscience reaffirms its commitment to the structural pest control industry in this exclusive interview with longtime executive Mark Neterer.


Crown Leadership Awards, Sponsored By Syngenta

Trusted Name, Tested Formulation

Sprayable Advion WDG insecticide provides versatile, effective control for a broad spectrum of target insects, including large-colony ants.

Loyal to Your Business

The PestPartners 365 loyalty program helps build PMPs’ businesses by delivering yearlong savings on all products—a financial benefit that makes a measurable bottom-line impact.

Ben Walker

The president of Gregory Pest Solutions has combined a thoughtful leadership style with a highly competitive drive to transform the Greenville, S.C.-based company into a major regional player.

Claudia Riegel

Heading up the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite & Rodent Control Board is just the start of how Claudia Riegel is changing the world of pest management.

Gene White

Accomplished educator and trainer whose infectious enthusiasm for entomology helps him connect with others.

Tom Jarzynka

For this widely respected, second-generation PMP, a career in structural pest control was a foregone conclusion.

Ray Meyers

Whether it’s providing manufacturers critical research findings or training technicians, this veteran PMP is committed to advancing the pest management industry.

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5 Questions with Dr. Janis Reed

Cockroaches and infestations of these insects were the impetus for the birth of the pest management industry. Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, Technical Services Manager with Control Solutions, Inc. (CSI) answers some questions on cockroaches and cockroach infestations.

5 Questions with Billy Tesh

Between the lack of light and the amount of potential clutter, safety glasses are certainly the first thing you think of when assembling your PPE, says Billy Tesh, president of Crawlspace Depot.

5 Questions with Dr. Jamel Sandidge

Using products containing borate-based active ingredients such as Niban or Magnetic Roach bait with boric acid and Nibor-D with DOT will help prevent bait resistance, writes Jamel S. Sandidge, PhD, BCE, Innovation Platform Leader, Pest Management Systems Nisus Corporation.