September 2016


In the News

Nothing To Fear

Companies agree that scare tactics are a bad option when marketing mosquito services. So how are firms advertising mosquito abatement in this expanding — and sometimes emotional — market?


Frozen In Time

The Purdue University Department of Entomology is planning to unveil a commemorative statue — called “The Entomologist” — in March.

Bed Bug Supplement

4 Practical Tips

Dr. Stephen Kells presents tips to help PMPs manage tough bed bug problems.

Protection That Lasts

In February 2015, M&M Environmental conducted a large-scale study of ActiveGuard Mattress Liners in senior living facilities.


Urban Wildlife Control Issue

Pests from Above

A good pest control vendor with a specialty in bird management — and the experience and safety record to prove it — will be able to plan and install effective solutions so customers don’t have to worry about the problems they can cause.

Free-Tail Funnel Cloud

Each summer at Bracken Cave in Texas, the world’s largest urban bat colony takes to the sky.

Trapping Squirrels Out

Tips for PMPs on how to live trap squirrels in attics and living areas. Plus, preventing squirrel gnawing damage to structures.

Focus on Vehicles

Driving Lessons

How can managers and business owners ensure their fleets are staying safe on the streets? They can start by identifying dangerous habits that can become a problem.

A Go for GPS

GPS services can help PMPs reduce fleet operating costs, improve dispatch and routing efficiency, effectively manage their employees and so much more.

A Hot Solution

Pest control company Varment Guard discovers efficiencies by investing in customized vehicles for bed bug heat treatments.