September 2018


Cover Story

Fiscal Fitness

Pest management firms are finding there are other ways besides banks and risking cash flow to finance purchases.

Industry Events

Mallis and Beyond

In this second in a series of articles about the 2018 National Conference on Urban Entomology, veteran industry researchers’ talks are reviewed and discussed.

Bed Bug Supplement

Natural Selection

University of Mississippi scientists are working to develop a natural remedy for bed bugs.

No Tropical Vacation

Researchers found tropical bed bugs in Florida for the first time in more than 60 years. What does this mean for the industry at large?

Bed Bugs & Dirty Clothes

When conducting an inspection, don’t ignore the pile of dirty clothes in the closet or in a hamper. They could be harboring bed bugs.

The Low-Prep Alternative

Sometimes less is more. Intensive customer preparation often makes effective bed bug control more difficult, rather than more effective.

When Pest Control Takes a Backseat

At most accounts, technicians focus on the client’s immediate concern. What we may miss in our rush to move on to the next account is the human aspect of what we do. Nowhere is that more important than in senior living facilities.

News & Notes

A round-up of news and product information about bed bug control.


Urban Wildlife Control Issue

Cage Trap Setting Principles

When it comes to trapping, reading animal behavior and knowing where the animal spends its time are among the keys to success.

Building a Business Model

Wildlife control is a whole different animal than general pest control. Not only is there specialized equipment, technical expertise and licensing, the business model is usually different as well.


In winter, you might wish you had this rodent superpower.


These nocturnal rodent lookalikes have a bit of a public relations problem.

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