September 2019


Cover Story

Rising Stars

These 25 companies are on the move. Whether it’s their fresh take on pest management marketing, rapid growth initiatives or innovative service programs, they’re all at the top of their game.

PCO Profile

Guiding Light

Brasure’s Pest Control recently treated the Fenwick Island Lighthouse keeper’s house for termites, helping to preserve a local landmark.

Bed Bug Supplement

Preventing Common Losses

Although some PMPs and customers prefer heat treatments for bed bugs because they reduce certain liability exposures, the use of heat creates property damage exposures. Here’s what you need to know.

Full Disclosure

An Iowa State University study finds requiring landlords to disclose bed bugs cuts infestations and creates long-term savings.

Is the Price Right?

Bed bug treatment prices are higher, but they’re becoming more competitive. Both are good for PMPs.

Can Bed Bugs Stand the Heat?

Research out of Purdue University supports what PMPs know: using a varied toolbox is the best treatment approach for controlling bed bugs.

News & Notes

A review of bed bug news and product information from industry suppliers.


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Annual Wildlife Control Issue

Poop Patrol

There are physical reasons why the feces of lizards and snakes look different from rat and mouse droppings. Can you identify the difference?

Pricing Wildlife Jobs

If you don’t charge enough, you will sell plenty of jobs but make no money. Charge too much and you will make money on the single job but lose in the long run when you can’t sell very many jobs.