More pest control companies are publicizing their green services and products. According to the 2021 PCT State of the Naturals Market survey, 45 percent of PMPs said their company marketing materials promoted green products and service offerings, up from 31 percent who said this in 2019.

“Eco-friendly” was the term most often used to describe green products and services, reported 60 percent of PMPs, followed by “environmentally friendly” (53 percent) and “green” (45 percent).

More information about green pest control is being published online, which is increasing consumer awareness of these services.

“People have more information, and knowledge is power. When they have that information, it allows them to make more educated decisions that keep them and their families safer,” said Matt Eickman, Abra Kadabra Environmental Service.

Only 21 percent of PMPs said their companies had developed a separate and distinct brand for their green pest control services.

Nozzle Nolen began offering its branded All-Natural Treatment program back in the mid-’80s when “green” was just a color, said Dean Trevisol. “Surveying our customers, some of them said they felt safer with greener services,” he said.

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control gets attention when neighbors smell the cedar or thyme oil it has applied outdoors to control ticks and mosquitoes. They soon start asking about it. “That’s a big part of our growth; that word of mouth,” said President Mark Constantino.