Here’s a surprise you may not have expected: The COVID-19 pandemic made more consumers want to buy green products and services.

According to an April 2020 survey of 1,000 consumers by Chicago-based management consulting firm Kearney, 48 percent of consumers were more concerned about the environment since the beginning of the pandemic, and 55 percent were more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products.

Pest management professionals said changing consumer attitudes have led to growth in the green pest management sector.

Arkadia – Eco Pest Control, which only uses green products, had a banner year in 2020, generating $1 million in revenue, said President Mark Constantino. He said he believes his Randolph, N.J.-based company is “the largest in the U.S. as far as all-green goes.”

Abra Kadabra Environmental Services in Mound, Minn., also picked up new customers for green pest control. “We have a healthy number of clients who are coming from other companies that do not provide that type of service,” said President Matthew Eickman.

As such, some companies dedicated more resources to green pest management. According to the 2021 PCT State of the Naturals Market survey, which was sponsored by Zoëcon/Central Life Sciences and compiled by Readex, an independent research firm, 33 percent of PMPs said their companies purchased more green products in the past year, and 22 percent said they made more time to teach employees about green products and services.

The use of natural, botanical, organic and eco-friendly products was key to providing a green service. More than half of PMPs (54 percent) said the introduction of green products has been a positive development for the industry.