While the past year has been unprecedented in many ways, the need for effective ant control has remained a constant. In fact, according to PCT magazine’s State of the Ant Control Market report findings, 76% of pest management professionals (PMPs) surveyed saw steady or increased ant service revenues in 2020. PMPs have had to step up and go above and beyond, often in challenging conditions, to keep customers’ homes and businesses free from these nuisance pests. We appreciate your hard work, and we know your customers are grateful as well.

As ant control continues to be a top priority for customers, it’s important to keep up with the latest research and trends to avoid wasting time and money on expensive callbacks. That’s why Syngenta is proud to once again partner with PCT to sponsor the 2021 State of the Ant Control Market report. In the following pages, you’ll receive survey results from fellow PMPs, including the latest ant control updates, ideas for marketing and insight into the future of the industry. We think you’ll find this year’s report to be valuable for your business’ success and growth.

At Syngenta, we’re committed to helping you maximize your ant control potential. Our flexible solutions are developed to meet your needs across a variety of accounts and scenarios:

  • Advion® Insect granular bait, our latest ant control solution, features a highly attractive granular bait matrix ideal for areas like large mulch beds that can’t be sprayed.
  • Advion Ant and Optigard® Ant gel baits, two of the leading ant baits in the industry, contain unique bait matrices that are highly palatable to all major ant species — even sweet feeders.
  • Advion WDG, Demand® CS, Optigard Flex and Tandem® insecticides are residual spray products that provide excellent control of super-colony species and are effective for preventive maintenance.

Ants provide unique challenges for PMPs, but we know it’s nothing you can’t handle with the right resources. We’re looking forward to your continued success in providing your customers with ant-free environments.

Eric Paysen

Technical Services Manager

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

For more information, visit SyngentaPMP.com.

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