Heather Patterson, Technical Service Manager
1. What can I do to improve my ant management program?

Good ant management often starts with a correct identification. Knowing what food source a pest ant is attracted to and foraging for will give you critical information for which control options to consider. For that reason, it is always good for PMPs to spend time honing their ant identification skills. However, it’s arguable that strong ant ID skills are less important with the use of effective, non-repellent products. With ant management, remember that practice makes perfect, persistence is key, and being observant will help us become more proficient.

2. Has CSI launched any new products for the control of ants?

Recently, Control Solutions, Inc. launched the “game-changing” bait + applicator device duo: Doxem® Precise Dry Flowable featuring the Precision Delivery System (PDS). Doxem Precise is effective against ants, targeting the voids, cracks, and crevices where they may gain entry, forage, reside, or trail. It continues to work as long as bait remains available for active ants to encounter.

3. What does Doxem® Precise offer that other ant baits or products do not?

Doxem Precise offers durability and accuracy. Thanks to its innovative dry flowable bait formulation, Doxem Precise does not dry out, harden, or become unpalatable to pests over time. Plus, the PDS provides PMPs a professional appearance and consistent bait applications. By dispensing bait up to 24 inches into voids, the PDS delivers uniform volumes of bait directly to the surfaces and spaces where ants are most active.

4. What other CSI products are available to use in conjunction with Doxem® Precise for ant control?

CSI is excited to launch our new, multi-AI aerosol, Doxem NXT! This aerosol is formulated with trusted adulticides plus IGRs to kill and control ants and other listed pests. As a non-repellent, it will not interfere with normal ant foraging behavior, making it suitable for use alongside baits like Doxem Precise. Doxem NXT can be used with Doxem Precise for both indoor and outdoor applications.

5. How do I learn more about Doxem® Precise? Are there tips and information available for including it in service protocols?

Remember that Doxem® Precise is also effective against other structure-invading pests, like cockroaches and silverfish. All things PDS and resources on dry-flowable products from CSI, including training documents, service protocols, videos, profit builder modules, and testimonials, are all accessible on our website: csi-pds.com. Our Technical Service Team is available to provide support with information and recommendations when integrating the PDS into your pest management program.