Lance Washington, Director of Domestic Franchising
1. Purchasing a franchise seems expensive. Why should PMPs look at franchise opportunities?

Choosing to purchase a franchise is a big investment, but it comes with some hefty benefits. Established franchise systems, like Truly Nolen, have set standards for marketing, service, and sales. It eliminates the need for you to reinvent the wheel and allows you to take advantage of the franchisor’s experience to grow your business. Plus, it provides you with a great support network, from both the corporate office and fellow franchise owners.

2. What is Truly Nolen’s greatest marketing asset for franchisees?

Hands down, it’s our famous mouse car. Early in his business, our founder, Truly David Nolen, searched for a cost-effective and highly efficient way to bring attention to his business. Through its evolution, the mouse car has drawn attention to the brand, made media headlines, and is an integral part of many communities around the world. It truly combines marketing power with functionality.

3. What makes Truly Nolen a great franchise system?

In addition to our eye-catching brand, our franchise owners benefit from our comprehensive franchise package. The package includes access to our service protocols, training programs, safety programs, vendor network, marketing content, National Commercial accounts, and ongoing support from the Franchise Team and other internal departments. We also offer a full menu of services, including pest, termite, and rodent services.

4. What are Truly Nolen’s philosophy and core values?

Through our established and proven core values, we encourage an atmosphere of trust, respect, teamwork, and innovation to provide our customers with unsurpassed quality service and add value to their lives. As ambassadors of the brand, Truly Nolen franchise owners understand their commitment to not only their business, but also to the brand as a whole.

5. What advice do you have for pest management professionals who are looking at a franchise system?

The best advice I can offer to anyone looking at a franchise system is to do your due diligence. I encourage all of our prospective franchisees to not only ask my team a lot of questions, but also to reach out to existing franchise owners. Existing owners can provide great insight into their daily operations, successes, challenges, and even how they engage with the franchisor for support.