Bird-B-Gone says PMPs should ask themselves: Am I passing up bird control services because I don’t have time to fit them into my pest route? If that is the case, the company says its newly developed Bird-Out Kit, an aromatic bird repellent, can solve that problem. The repellent is designed to deter birds from areas like balconies, patios, warehouses and other outdoor areas. Dispensers and cartridges are small, discreet and lockable, which is why Bird-B-Gone recommends the kit for PMPs servicing residential and commercial clients. Replacing cartridges is quick and easily incorporated into scheduled service, the company says.

How does Bird-Out repel birds? Each replaceable cartridge uses the active ingredient methyl anthranilate (MA), a food-grade ingredient. When the cartridge is activated and installed into its protective dispenser, the grape aroma is wicked into the surrounding area, repelling birds from up to an 8,000- cubic-feet radius. Bird-Out’s passive scent technology means no batteries or power are needed, and each cartridge lasts up to 60 days, says Bird-B-Gone.


Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier America’s Optical Gel ProPak is an inclusive kit designed to make bird control projects easier to execute. Optical Gel works on all types of birds and pressure situations, the company says.

ProPak gives PMPs the ability to execute a bird solution immediately from their service vehicles and invoice a customer that day instead of coming back with a proposal, Bird Barrier says. The product allows technicians to treat a hot spot right away and return to finish the larger job later.

Once ProPak is installed, Bird Barrier says, problem birds leave roosting and nesting spots permanently.

With a ProPak, PMPs can unlock the potential of recurring revenue treatments, Bird Barrier reports, with the kit keeping them prepared for any future bird activity.

Kits include:

  • Optical gel disks (24, 48 or 200 count)
  • Silicon adhesive
  • Dissolve-It Max cleaner
  • Bleach pod sanitation
  • Mixing bottles for application 
  • STIQ tool for installation
  • Disposable PPE

When installed according to instructions and with Bird Barrier’s free certified technician training, the company offers a two-year warranty.

To order Optical Gel ProPak, visit or call 800/NO-BIRDS.



Bird-X’s latest ledge exclusion product, AviAngle, is a modular ledge exclusion system that prevents all pest birds and wildlife from landing on ledge-based areas, the company says.

The system is for use wherever ledges create a 90-degree angle. The smooth surface of the UV-protected PVC material combined with the steep 45-degree angle of the system blocks birds from landing and gaining a stable foothold, Bird-X says.

AviAngle is resistant to virtually all weather conditions and harsh environments when installed according to manufacturer instructions, reports the company.

Bird-X says AviAngle’s unique design elements offer a wide range of features. The modular design reduces wasted materials based upon true fit technology. The system is configurable and can be combined in various ways to create exactly the finished product that is needed to solve your site’s specific bird control problem, the company says.



There are just two ways to manage a pest bird population, says Innolytics: either increase mortality or reduce reproduction.

Conventional methods of increasing mortality in pigeons include trapping, shooting or using an avicide. These methods are increasingly unacceptable to many, the company says. The alternative is to reduce reproduction with a OvoControl contraceptive program.

Limiting the constant breeding of the prolific bird reduces the population through a natural process of attrition, Innolytics reports. Older birds die, and there are fewer new ones to take their place.

The first step in an OvoControl program is to condition birds to a daily baiting routine with an automatic feeder and pre-bait (cracked corn). These units take the work out of an OvoControl program and condition the birds to eat “breakfast” every morning, Innolytics reports. The birds become accustomed to the daily routine and come to expect the handout, the company says. PMPs will know the pigeons are conditioned when the flock shows up 10-15 minutes before the feeder triggers.

Once the weather turns warmer and the days become longer, PMPs should transition the birds from cracked corn to OvoControl, says Innolytics. Then, instead of a pigeon population boom every spring, PMPs and their customers can watch the flock gradually decline over the summer.

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. The technology is especially useful for managing birds in larger areas without using avicides or labor-intensive trapping programs, Innolytics reports.


Nixalite of America

Established in 1950, the Nixalite Company invented and patented the world’s first bird spike. Today, it offers nine different bird spike models designed for different applications, infestation levels and budgets.

Bird spikes manufactured by Nixalite are constructed of 100 percent high-grade stainless steel made in the United States. Spike options include 2- or 4-foot lengths, sharp or blunt tip spikes, powder coat colors and various fastening choices.

Other bird control products available from Nixalite include nine different types of bird netting, Bird Zap Shock Track, FliteLine, exclusion devices, chemical repellents, bird traps and sound and visual bird deterrents. Visit to view its complete bird control product line and online automated estimating applications.

Nixalite offers free planning and estimating services. All pest management customers qualify for wholesale pricing. For more information, call 800/624-1189 or visit to create an online account.