Each year brings renewed challenges for the pest control industry, reminding us of the continued need for effective ant control. Unsurprisingly, pest management professionals (PMPs) across the country see ant control as a vital part of their business. According to PCT magazine’s 2022 State of the Ant Market report findings, 51% of recently surveyed PMPs said ant control services have become a more significant portion of their business in the past five years.

Your customers depend on your hard work for peace of mind against ants. We know they’re grateful for all you do — and so are we. That’s why Syngenta is proud to partner with PCT to sponsor this year’s State of the Ant Control Market report. This report shares key survey results from PMPs just like you, featuring the most recent ant control updates, marketing ideas and a glimpse into the future of the industry. We hope this report is a valuable tool for helping your business grow so you can deliver quality pest control while avoiding costly callbacks.

Our team at Syngenta is committed to ensuring you have the proper tools to maximize your ant control potential. We’re always innovating to enhance our portfolio of ant solutions, and coming soon this year, we’re excited to introduce a new dry flowable bait to the ant control market. Its formulation leverages a highly attractive bait matrix and is ideal for void and crack-and-crevice treatments in food-handling establishments and sensitive accounts. Its flexible packaging will also give PMPs the freedom to use their preferred equipment during application.

Additional products within our ant portfolio include:

  • Advion® Insect granular bait, which features a palatable formulation designed for perimeter pest control needs
  • Advion Ant and Optigard® Ant gel baits, which contain unique bait matrices that are attractive to all major ant species — even sweet feeders
  • Advion WDG, Demand® CS, Optigard Flex and Tandem® insecticides, which are residual spray products ideal for controlling super-colony species and making preventive applications

Although ants pose difficult challenges, we’re confident no challenge is too big to handle for PMPs. We look forward to helping you provide a life uninterrupted by ants for your customers.

Dr. Eric Paysen

Technical Services Manager

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

For more information, visit SyngentaPMP.com.

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