WorkWave recently launched its mobile app, WorkWave: GPS Track, which is available on both Android and iOS. Through the free app, customers using WorkWave’s GPS tracking can instantly access live, 24/7 tracking and visibility from desktop, phone or tablet to enable more effective management when on the go, the company says.

“With many business owners spending time both in and out of the office, it is important to be able to access their fleet’s live activity, events and functions, even when they step away from their desk,” said Mike Profit, WorkWave’s chief product and service officer.

The mobile app is available across WorkWave’s full suite of field service and last-mile logistics solutions, including PestPac, WorkWave Service, WorkWave Route Manager and WorkWave GPS. With quick access to GPS tracking, businesses gain visibility and have insight into their day. From the app, users can:

  • View breadcrumb trail activity.
  • Instantly confirm live and historical vehicle position.
  • Filter vehicles for fast lookup.
  • Choose between a map or list view.
  • Visualize events and driver behavior alerts through the notification area (speeding, braking, geofence, ignition on/off alerts, etc.).

“WorkWave’s mission is to provide companies with the software they need to efficiently run their businesses and provide exceptional service to their customers,” says Chris Sullens, CEO of WorkWave. “With enhanced mobility features, they can now run their businesses with increased visibility and peace of mind, whether at the office or on the go.”

Bird Barrier America

Bird Barrier America has released its 2018 product catalog. At 62 pages, the company says the catalog is chock-full of bird control solutions, tools and equipment used by professionals to solve bird problems on residential, commercial and industrial structures. The company’s product line includes StealthNet, Bird-Flite, Dura-Spike, Optical Gel, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, Eagle Eye, OvoControl and Daddi Long Legs. Bird Barrier’s catalog (download a PDF from the Bird Barrier website) features product information along with a large number of project photos, which show how bird problems are tackled.


HomeServiceChats, a professional web chat provider for home service businesses, has announced an integration with Facebook and Google Messenger, allowing timelier communication between HomeServiceChats’ clients and their customers.

“Customers are continuing to engage with home service companies via Facebook and Google at an increasing rate,” says Trevor Flannigan, COO for HomeServiceChats. “The importance of timely responses on these services is increasingly critical for new business, with Facebook even rating businesses on their response time and offering badges to top performers. The integration will bolster our clients’ abilities to field incoming service requests from customers, respond to valuable customer feedback and process employment inquiries that come through Facebook and Google’s messenger services.”

When a message is sent to a home service company’s Facebook or Google account, it is immediately connected to the same HomeServiceChats team that already handles its live website chat.

“We already provide 24-hour, live website chat services, so integrating with our clients’ Facebook and Google messaging was a logical and inevitable evolution for us,” Flannigan said. “We look forward to helping our clients better engage with their customers and future employees, and we are excited to see the difference it makes in boosting their bottom line.”


PESTlogics is a digital workspace for PMPs who are facilitating integrated pest management (IPM) programs. PESTlogics helps PMPs implement good data management skills to reduce liability and ensure protection of public health and environments, the company says. It is the only web-based, real-time tool that produces informative reports and digital records of IPM activities, including pesticide usage and non-chemical pest control practices, the firm reports.

With PESTlogics, PMPs can quickly calculate the amounts of pesticides used at any location and the types of pest control operations performed. Companies can build a history of IPM practices and know past, present and future operational schedules.

Every task is linked geospatially, providing a visual representation of IPM activities. Its simple-to-use communications platform allows PMPs to log monitoring activities and pest sightings and inform their team of scheduled tasks with the shared calendar tool. PESTlogics also allows users to keep track of fertilizer applications.


Vestergaard, a family-owned global health company, unveiled PermaNet Screen, a long-lasting insecticidal screen designed to kill mosquitoes by contact, at the 84th Annual Meeting of the American Mosquito Control Association. The new technology was designed to control mosquitoes that spread mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika, West Nile virus, dengue and chikungunya in high-traffic areas like outdoor restaurants, public parks, schools, playgrounds and shopping centers.

The new technology has the potential to influence where consumers spend time outdoors, the company says. In a recent survey, Vestergaard found 48 percent of respondents would dine at outdoor restaurants, 42 percent would attend events at outdoor venues, 35 percent would shop at outside retail outlets and 33 percent would visit stadiums and sports fields that utilize PermaNet Screen.

PermaNet Screen slowly releases deltamethrin to the surface of the screen. Deltamethrin is approved by the World Health Organization for use on bed nets. The deltamethrin is incorporated into the fibers that make up the screen and slowly migrates from inside the fiber to the outside surface of the screen so that, when a mosquito lands on the UV-protected screen, it touches the insecticide on the surface and dies. The long-lasting insecticidal effect lasts for at least two years, Vestergaard reports.

“We’ve manufactured long-lasting insecticidal bed nets with similar technology to prevent the spread of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases in the developing world for more than 20 years,” says CEO Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen. “The appearance of the Zika virus in 2016 and the subsequent official CDC travel warning for Miami illustrated the need for protective measures here in the U.S. PermaNet Screen provides a way for businesses to protect customers that want to spend more time outdoors and differentiate in competitive markets.”