Misty Little, Northeast USA Sales Manager, Kness Mfg. Co., Inc.
1. But aren’t rats too smart for traps?

Rats are smart and will be suspicious of new objects in their environment, like traps. You will have more success if you are able to get the rats accustomed to the traps before setting them. Place your traps in an active area and put bait in and around them, but do not set the traps. Let the rats eat the bait safely for a couple of days. Once the rats become comfortable, bait the traps again and then set them.

2. What kind of bait should I use?

If you have discovered the rats are already attracted to something in the environment, then use that as your bait. Otherwise, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, cereals, or meats such as bacon or wet cat food are good options. Wear gloves when handling and baiting your traps. Rats are repelled by the scent of humans and they can detect it from the oil left behind by your fingerprints.

3. Where should traps be placed?

Place rat traps wherever you have noticed activity. Look for signs of nesting, gnawing, and droppings. Most likely, these areas are darkened corners, along walls, and behind appliances, boxes, and furniture. Rats need to touch surfaces as they move and they like to run along walls, so place traps accordingly.

4. Can the Kness Big Snap-E Rat Traps be used more than once?

Yes, you can reuse your Kness Big Snap-E Traps. In fact, once you catch a rat on this trap it will be even more effective because it will have the scent pheromone of a rat, which is attractive to other rodents, prompting them to become curious and inspect the trap. Just add fresh bait and reset. Kness Big Snap-E traps are easy to set and easy to release after use. Your fingers never touch the rodent.

5. Should rat snap traps be covered?

Since rats prefer enclosed, safe locations, use the Kness Big Snap-E Cover with your Big Snap-E traps. These covers will entice the rat to enter it, hides your catch, and also protects non-target animals and children from harm. The Big Snap-E Cover holds two snap traps and keeps traps and catches out of sight, while denying access to children and pets. It also keeps an injured, trapped rat from dragging the trap away. Inspection holes on top of the Snap-E Covers allow for fast and convenient trap checking.